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MyRio disconnects on VI start

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Hi Everyone, Having a major issue with my MyRIO currently. I have put together a VI (fairly complex) which up until last week was working no issues, made a few minor changes to it it the last few days, which according to LabVIEW are fine. The program doesn't show any errors prior to running. However when I connect to the MyRIO to run the VI, it will run for about 3 seconds and then will disconnect my MyRIO. No reason is given and no error log or error message appears to explain why this is occuring. If anyone can shed some light on this situation it would be greatly appreciated Todd P.S. have attached the VI's below, program runs from either the open loop VI or the Closed Loop VI
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Are you using the FPGA? If so, did you recompile after making some minor changes?  What changes did you make?

Aaron L.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Not using FPGA as yet, simply trying to test the program for functionality with the myRIO and its connected components. The program is still launched from the connected PC
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I get that fairly often on cRIO, too.  The main cause is I forget to include a time delay in a loop somewhere.  Sometimes, I just have too much processing to keep up.


The cRIO (and I'm certain the myRIO, too) has an operating system that tries to divy up time among several tasks.  One of those tasks (and probably with the highest priority) is your application.  Another task is keeping communication with LabView on your computer.  If your application doesn't give up enough of the CPU, then the communication gets starved, and drops links.


You can probably check the web-page generated by your myRIO, to see what the CPU usage is.


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Does the program does deploy to the myRIO without errors?

Aaron L.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Had too many unsynchronised loops running, sort out the timing and the disconnecting stopped
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