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Message error on MAX

Message error on MAX

Hi guys,

yesterday I worked with my new 9606 and I decided to format it to try ather things.


I checked to take the some network settings. But when sbRIO rebooted the address whas changed and if I try to change net address I read the attached message (Immagine 2.png).


If I try to load the software I received the second attached file (Immagine 1.png)...


What's the problems?



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Rif.: Message error on MAX



it seems a communication problem, consequently you can check the connection with one of the following steps:


- if you are using point to point connection, make sure to be using a crossover ethernet cable

- test the sBrio using a DHCP connection with a router/switch

- make sure that the sBrio is in the same subnet of your host, otherwise try this procedure


Is can also be a MAX related issue. Try to use another PC, or try to repair MAX from the OS Control Panel / Programs




Andrea R.




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Rif.: Message error on MAX

Hi Andrea,

I'm sorry but I don't think it is correct what you suggest. Of course I'll try to change PC, because, how I tell you, I THINK my MAX was corrupt.


I have 3 sbRIO 9606, and I had the connection with all my sbRIO. One of these sbRIO is my master and I made a copy with "RT Create Target Disk Image VI". After that I use "RT Apply Target Disk Image VI" to prepare the second one and the third one and I had the problem I describe before.


Can you try to reproduce it?

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Rif.: Message error on MAX



let me know if changing pc or restoring max, you can solve the issue. In the meanwhile I try to reproduce the encountered problem and I'll let you know.




Andrea R

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Rif.: Message error on MAX

Hello Fabio,


How are you connecting the sbRIO to your host PC? Through a switch or directly with a crossover cable?

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