Real-Time Measurement and Control

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Medições em laboratório


Preciso medir continuamente durante 30 dias, com registro as seguintes grandezas:

corrente, tensão e temperatura, os sinais virão de um Tc, Tp e Rtd respectivamente.

o que preciso para medir e registrar estas grandezas?


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Hello aaswil,


If you test is intended to run non-stop for the 30 days, I recommend a Real-Time system, indeed. I would follow the next steps:


  1. Select the controller that makes the most sense for your application. I advise getting one with DAQmx, since it can make the task easier: 
  2. Read Generate and Acquire Signals in a NI CompactRIO and select the interface(s) you would like to use.
  3. Select the C series modules for your measurements and make sure they are compatible with the interface you will use: CompactRIO Modules.
  4. Refer to the NI LabVIEW for CompactRIO Developer's Guide for more information about programming best practices, and answers to the common development questions in the platform.



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