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MQTT on cRIO-9065


We have a cRIO-9065 that is collecting data (current flows) on a local network. This data is used to control a battery-inverter. Everything works fine, but now we want to send the data to a broker, so we can request the data and visualize it on a cloud-based platform. I have chosen to work with the MQTT protocol. I found a really nice add-on from the LabVIEW open source project that's handling the MQTT-protocol: Since the add-on is using an event structure, this only works when the VI is running on a windows PC. However, I want to run the code on the Linux system of the cRIO so the program can work autonomously. 

Has someone an idea how I can handle this problem? 

Thanks 🙂 

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Hi gdgreve, it's perfectly possible to use user events (*) on platforms other than Windows. Take a look at this KB entry.


The same goes for the MQTT toolkit: We use it ourselves on NI ETS (Phar Lap on PXI systems), and Francois Normandin who created the toolkit uses it on Linux Real-Time (I think on sbRIOs). So you should be good to go!


(*) What you might be referring to is user interface events (i.e. events triggered by elements on the front panel), which don't work if no front panel is available, for example on real-time systems without UI. Linux RT actually comes with an optional Embedded UI, which allows to use user interface events.

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