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MIMO signal analyzer

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Hi everybody,


I am looking for a device that can analyze MIMO signals. I have found the following device but I am not sure if this device is also appropriate for MIMO signals or not?


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Accepted by topic author Amir2

Hi Amir2, 

For prototyping purposes, the following white paper discusses methods and systems for analyzing MIMO signals: 
But since you linked to a VSA, will you be needing a calibrated instrument for your MIMO signal analyzer? 

Regardless, if you are looking to build a MIMO test system, I would highly encourage you to call in and speak with someone to ensure you're getting the device that best fits your application and need:


The PXIe-5668R could work but could also potentially be overkill depending on how you are wanting to analyze the signals. Besides that, there are also a lot of other considerations like frequency range, the need for synchronizing multiple analyzer channels, desired MIMO setup (2x2, 4x4, etc.?), testing a specific standard or creating custom waveforms, etc. 
If you are able to give more information on your application/needs either here or when you call in, that will help determine which device would work best for you. 


Shalini M.
Partner Development Engineer
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Thank you for detailed explanation. We are at the starting points for our application and its testbed desgin. I will reach out you in the future. Thanks. 


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