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MAX unable to detect PXI chassis and NI9154 simulteneously


Hi all,


I am trying to get my desktop to communicate with a NI PXie-8360 remote controller and a NI 9154 MXI Express RIO. I am using a PCIe-8362 which has two connection ports. When I wire both the PXI and the RIO chassis up to the PCIe card,for some reason MAX only detects the PXI chassis. I tried creating a Labview Project and searching for  the RIO target as well,but to no avail.Only the PXI chassis ever gets detected by the PC when both are plugged in. However, when the 9154 alone is plugged in the PC detects it.

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Hi Govinth,


Good afternoon, my name is Jamie, I'm part of the Application Engineering team here at NI UK in Newbury.


I understand the the PXIe-8360 is only recognises the PXI chassis when both the PXI and RIO devices are interfaced via MXI simultaneously.


However when the RIO chassis is interfaced on its own, it is recognised correctly.


Was this system recently purchased and was the original intention of the system to interface with both the PXI and RIO simultaneously?


Best Regards





Jamie S.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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