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Load cell suitable for ISO 6603-2 testing - 100 kHz, 20mm diameter.

I am searching for a load cell suitable for determining the impact energy associated with penetration of plastics and composites (ISO 6603-2). The sampling rate is 100 kHz. We would likely use an NI 9232 module and an IEPE type load cell. However, finding a suitable load cell is challenging. The standard requires the load cell be within one diameter of a 10mm or 20mm diameter striker (two options). The standard shows the load cell as part of the striker.


Ideally the load cell OD will be less than or equal to the striker diameter. The available drop tower would be better suited to the 20mm striker which should be an easier spec to find a suitable load cell. One of the challenges is the common practice of having the terminal of the load cell for data acquisition exit radially. It would be preferable to find a load cell with the connection exiting axially so that the cable will run up inside the striker. Otherwise the cable and/or terminal might be sheared off as the striker passes through the material specimen.


Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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