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Load an installed library on a cRIO 9063


Hi, there,


I would like to know how to load a library that I installed on the cRIO 9063 using the terminal and the OPKG command. The library is SQlite3 which is actually in the /usr/lib path. There is a library called SQlite API ( that already has VIs implemented to make databases. When I load an example of the API, it generates a bug to load the shared library. I contacted the programmer and he told me that this application can be used in linux RT, however I have to install SQlite3 by terminal and tell LabView to use it instead of the one that comes with the API. I am new using LabView and would like to know if there is any way to tell the program to use a library (.so) installed in cRIO.


thank you very much.


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