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Labview VIsion and Real Time Control

Anyone knows how long it will take NI Vision to process the image, i.e. basic edge detection? Is it feasible to use NI Vision to do a real time control?
I am trying to build a process control with Labview VI. NI Vision will function as sensor, processing the images. Control loop then adjust the process based on the image data. The image process is required no more than 100ms for one frame. Is it feasible?
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       My first reaction is that it is definitely possible.  However, you've said nothing about what type of camera you will be using?  what type of image?  how large the image will be?  What kind of computer?   These things will ALL effect how long this will take.  You really cannot just say that it will take "this" long or "that" amount of time.  Even small processing settings, such as how large of an area you need to analyze and process will effect the final time.  I did this on my computer with a firewire camera and saw times ranging from 5ms all the way up to 500ms based on different settings.  So the only way to tell is to set it up and try it.
      If you would like to do real-time then take a look at our CVS. This is a real-time platform and should definitely improve the time it takes to do this acquisition.


John H
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thanks John,
The camera I am using is old. It is a specially made camera for welding process. Computer is new, with 2.4GHz CPU, 512 RAM. Frame Rate is up to 30f/s, a little slow. Right now, I have a problem deciding which framegrabber I should use. Old one used in the system is DT3152, (data translation), not NI supported. The local sale engineer recommended me using NI PCI 1410 to replace DT3152. Camera is connected by way of BNC cable block.
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I'm looking for the help for my final project. For your information, my project  interest  in the real time field which is used to detect the face and i'm actually are newbies for the NI software.


Refer to the project, I have to used the labview 8.5 (LV) as the GUI interface and the Vision Inspection (VI) as the system. There is simple GUI which are only have the frame that used to shows the face and the text indicator to tell either the process is PASS or FAILED.


The process of the PASS or FAILED are determine by used the VI. I'm already made some research and getting started in used the VI to detect the face process. The face image are grabbed from  the acquiring image process by used the camera that connected with the PC . All the image process are in the grayscale format color.


My problem now are;

  1. How can i connect the LV and the VI to complete my project. There is any idea? because i'm little bit confious either the aquiring image are still used from the VI or the aquiring image are directly used as the input to the LV.
  2. I really not have any idea in getting start the LV. Any related link can i used to study the LV because it really hard to me to find the example that can make me combined the LV and the VI software.

Finally, I hope that you can help me to get some idea solving my problem ASAP because I have to release this project at the end of this month for my 1st evaluation.

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Hi Aiza


Thank you for your interest in LabVIEW. We have a whole website devoted to getting you started with some professional training. I also noticed you posed this under the Real Time Measurement and Control forums, Real Time is our deterministic environment we have created for applications that must run at a specific predictable time. If you have more of a question along the lines of facial recognition and combining LabVIEW with a  Vision application try running it by as a new topic in our Machine Vision forums.

Thank You
Eric Reid
National Instruments
Motion R&D
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