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Labview FPGA compile worker 2016 for Linux using CENTOS 6.6 (RHEL 6.6 - 64 bit)



I have a sofar perfect FPGA compile setup, using a linux server with Labview FPGA compile worker 2016. Until now I was able to compile all  NI FPGA devices I use faster than on my own PC, also offloading my PC CPU.


However, I cannot compile for the cRIO-9066, but the Windows Labview FPGA compile worker 2016 can. says Vivado 2015.4 should be enough.

Have attached what the 2 compile workers show. Windows has a red arrow, and that is the worker is uses.

Linux have same capability, but fails compilation with "LabVIEW FPGA: Some of the compilation steps were not executed."


Any inputs would be helpful :-) Tanks


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