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Labview 2018 Python on Real Time systems?

Hey all. 


I was thrilled to see that Labview 2018 supports Execution of python functions directly from a vi, but only if the VI is for the desktop targets.

I would like to use it from my RT target. Why is this not supported?

As far as I know python can should support the targets, so why the restriction?

Taking a quick glance at the Enthought python for labview, the specific restriction is not mentioned, so does that work on an RT target?


LV2018 Doc:

Enthought DOC:


looking forward to an answer



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It's possible that this new feature is simply being rolled out in stages, with RT and FPGA support coming later due to greater development needs.

However, there are already some LabVIEW functions that are not supported in LabVIEW Real-Time, one of them is the Call Library Function Node when accessing an OS API other than NI Linux Real-Time. Several MathScript functions are also not supported.

These are not supported because they depend OS dependent APIs that would be a nightmare to implement on every RT OS usable by LabVIEW Real-Time.

So I do not think support for LabVIEW Real-Time will be added to this new function either.


About the Enthought API, this is a third party API we have no knowledge nor low level access to. I would forward you their own recomendation on the manual you attached to go to their knowledge base or product information. Beyond that, they offer paid support (attached to a subscription) for customers who purchase their API/Application. I think they are the best resource to answer your second question.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the response @Notanae

According to this post from 2015:


It is possible to install and recompile Python (2.7.x) on a cRIO NI linux RT target, which could leave the feature open for future implementations, but it should be doable to run a python file on the RIO, and according to the python node, you have to point to the path of the module, to access the function inside the module.


I am not bashing the implementation, just wondering about the reasoning.

best regards 


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Hi Jesper, 


Your assumption is correct - although the installation is possible, the Python Node feature isn't supported on LabVIEW RT in this release. Python doesn't guarantee any real-time constraints, but it may be useful in non-time critical parts of an RT application so may be considered for future iterations.

I'd suggest adding this feedback, and any specifics on implementation to the Ideas Exchange
which allows customers to feedback their suggestions directly to R&D.The forums linked below are constantly monitored by our R&D team in the US and they will often respond directly to customer suggestions. If you do add your idea make sure to post the link here so we can kudos it!



Kind regards, 


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I will make a post on the Idea exchange soon. 

Thanks for the help and replies

Best Regards


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Dear All. 

I have now posted this on Idea Exchange.: 

Python Node support on LabVIEW RealTime systems

Please go and vote for it 😄



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