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LM35 as a room temperature sensor?


Hey people,

Im doing an academic project in which I need to make a room temperature sensor? After some hours research I have found LM35. I would like to know:


  • If LM35 is a good sensor for the mentioned purpose?
  • Also, whats the importance of the quiescent current in a sensor? From my understand its good to have a low quiescent current sensor to make project power efficient.
  • Importance of gain in a sensor? From my understand this will make the sensor more accurate by giving large output per variation of degree celcius. 
  • Importance of output impedance in a sensor? Which I don't really know.
  • Also, is using a digital sensor or analogue sensor better for this application?

Hope someone can give me genuine help to understand the mentioned questions. 


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Quasi-digital sensors with frequency, period or duty-cycle outputs are better:

Manufacturers of Temperature Sensors

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