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I'm trying to configure a motion controller with the new MAXON dc motor positioning controller : EPOS2 50/5.  

It is specially designed being commanded and controlled as a slave node in the CANopen network.

Is it possible to connect the MAXON EPOS to a NI PCI CAN/2 card?

I'm using LABVIEW RT on a target pc desktop.

Is it possible to configure the CANopen protocol in LABVIEW RT?


Thank you for your answers.




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You will need to use a high-speed CAN device to communicate with the Maxon EPOS Motion Controller. I was able to find a KB article which mentions it:

Program a Maxon EPOS Motion Controller from LabVIEW


CANOpen is built upon the NI-CAN driver and the NI-CAN driver supports specific products on LabVIEW RT which includes the PCI CAN card that you have mentioned. Have a look at the NI-CAN 2.6.1 Readme.


So, it seems to me that you are good to go. Read both the articles that I have linked and post back if you have any questions.

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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