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Is there a table of what CompactRIO version goes with what firmware?

I'm seeing this error:

You cannot install this software because a different version of the firmware is required:

The version of software you have selected requires version 5.0.0 of the firmware.

Use the Update Firmware button on the System Settings view to upgrade the target's firmware.

Which isn't a big deal (I know how to do the update) but it would be nice to have a table so we can get the right firmware in advance.

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Hello nanocyte,


Unfortunately there is no such table, since NI's recommendation is to always use the latest firmware available. This will be installed in your computer with the NI CompactRIO driver.


You can find a more detailed explanation of the firmware versioning here: How to select the cRIO firmware version.


For others who might arrive to this forum looking to update firmware, please follow this guide: Upgrading Firmware on my NI Linux Real-Time Device.


All the best,

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Upgrading firmware is a rather time consuming processes. It would be preferable to update it only if it's needed. Unfortunately, without a table, it is not clear if it's needed. Am I missing something? Is there a programmatic way to determine if a given System Image (with a known CRIO software version) is going to be compatible with a given target (with a certain firmware version)?

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