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Is the NI 9237 DSUB module ever going to have scan engine support?


I have noticed on the c series compatibility chart that the NI 9237 DSUB module appears to not have scan engine support for CompactRIO scan mode and 9144 scan mode. Does anyone know why when the only difference between the 9237 and the 9237 DSUB is the connector? Are there any plans to support it in the future?



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Hi Steve:


I'm not sure why that document makes a distinction between the DSUB and RJ50 variants of the 9237 as both are supported equally and both should work under scan mode.  I will get that page updated but also want to point out our Software Support page that is a bit more thorough and updated with every release of NI-RIO.  I would recommend using this document if you have any questions about module support under the RIO platform.

Alex Person
NI-RIO Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks so much for the information. I guess most of the online documents point you to the compatibility chart to see if it is supported, so that is where I ran into the roadblock.



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