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Is it possible to select between different FPGA targets (different NI 6587 configurations) through the Host VI

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I am using 7966R FPGA card with 6587 IO Module. I have two sets of FPGA VIs, one that uses 6587 in the serial mode (Serdes Channel) and the other in parallel mode (Serdes Connector). I am trying to select one of the FPGA VIs through the host VI and I am not sure if it can be done.


Some points to note:

  • All the IOs have same names, FIFO has the same name and data type.
  • Because they use the 6587 IO controller in a different configuration, I can't parallelize them and combine into a single VI.




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You should have a look at the Open Dynamic Bitfile Reference function.

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Hi Mayank,


It may help to clarify that a top level FPGA vi is what is used to generate a bitfile. The bitfile is what the host downloads to the FPGA target.


So if you have two different bitfiles that you want to run on a single target then you would need to download the first bitfile, run it until its task has completed, then download the new bitfile and run it. Note that in this scenario the bitfiles are downloaded and executed sequentially, not at the same time.


If you have two bitfiles that need to run at the same time then you would need two seperate FPGA targets. A host can communicate with multiple FPGA targets and have any of those targets download a compatible bitfile, but none of those targets may run more than one bitfile at any one time. 

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Hi David,


I was not looking to run them simultaneously, it was going to be one at a time. As you said, I need to close the first one before getting started with the second one.





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