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Is it possible to acquire audio data in Real-Time using a standard sound card?

For the control of a Laser manufactoring process it is necessary to acquire and analize the typical sound. I realized this with a normal Soundblaster Card using the "SI CONFIG/READ.VI". The only disadvantage is that short parts of the signal are always missing because of the finite buffer size. Is it possible to optimize this without buying a DAQ card?
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Labview RT works with three different types of targets:
-RT series DAQ (Traditional Data Acquisition board with a processor board attached to it. Connects on a PCI slot of your machine)
-Field Point:Distributed modules for Data Acquisition
-PXI factor: Systems where you need a chassis and a controller then you can start filling the slots with the type of hardware that you need for your application.

Then using a traditional SoundBlaster Card to acquire data under Labview RT is not going to be possible at the moment.

Blasioz Valenzuela
National Instruments
Labview RT Applications Eng.

*Note: Did you try the same application in a faster machine, this can improve the performance and hopefully not miss data.
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sorry, real time should mean here "pseudo real time" (analizing all data acquired). A short time delay is no problem, so I don't use LabVIEW RT but the "standard" LabVIEW.
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