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Is CompactRio best solution for me?

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Accepted by topic author Milen

Hello Milen,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


I took a look at the documents you posted and I do see what you are saying that they aren't as easy to work with as LabVIEW / CompactRIO.  Unfortunately, unless you're willing to use the 9505, I don't think there is a CompactRIO module that can run those particular valves.


If you don't already have the valves you could investigate valves that require at most 1A.  In that case you could use the 9474 to drive them.


You can also think about finding another, simpler drive to control the valves.  Many motor control drives take an analog voltage or some other control signal and output a variable current using PWM.  You will be able to generate these control signals with CompactRIO.  I'm not really an expert on what is out there, but you're basically looking for a motor controller than uses PWM and that can output at least 1.2A.  You may find that there are models out there that are intended for solenoids.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks Speleato for all your time and effort! I am now on the right track as I understand options and limits involved in my application. Thanks again!
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