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I'm trying to create a program that will allow me to collect data from a Luxtron thermometry system. How can I do this?

I'm a little confused as to how to write to the machine and how to retrieve data from the machine. I'm unsure of requested byte size and string to write specifically. This machine also has 4 probes, so it can record 4 temperatures simultaneously. How can I reflect this in the waveform chart?
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There are example VI's in LV on Instrument Connectivity. If you go to the Help menu >> Examples.. >> I/O, you will see a couple; and Examples.. >> Fundamentals for File and String manipulation. I would suggest tweaking them to suit your application. Also the specific command that your instrument responds to can be found from it's manual.

You could find a driver for this instrument at . If it's not listed there, it leaves you with one of a couple options. First, I would like you to submit a request for this driver at:
We develop drivers based on demand and popularity so the more requests we have for it, the greater the possibility that we will develop one.
If y
ou would like to try developing your own instrument driver (or modify the existing one), we have documentation, model instrument drivers, and driver templates to help at :
We also have a syndicate of third party vendors that specialize in National Instruments' products and services. Some of the vendors specialize in driver development. I would suggest contacting one of the Alliance members at:

Some useful resources for your application are > NI Developer Zone > Development Library > Instrument Connectivity , to search examples and knowledge bases

Hope this helps.
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