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I have installed a new DAQ device ( Lab_pc+ board ) on my computter but I am not obtaining that this new device is recognized for the LabView. I ask for you help me.

I would like to know what LabView commands ( step-by-step)I must follow so that a new DAC board that I have installed in my computer can be used.
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Dear Sir,

In order to get your board working with labview it is important to check whether it is working with the driver (NI-DAQ). If this board is not working with labview possibly it may not be properly installed. I am appending a link to our DAQ installation wizard where you will find step by step with screen shots the procedure. Just select the operating system you have and your board (Lab-PC plus)

Once you are sure that the board works properly with the driver, Labview will take the device number assigned in the driver (Seen at the Measurement and Automation Explorer: MAX. All the rest depends of which task would you like to do.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for contacting National Instruments!
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