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I have a 6601 DAQ card with a BNC 2121 block. I am trying to collect an externally generated TTL signal with a 2 MHz frequency and represent it in a graph form.

My complete goal is to build a program for single photon counting. I am trying to collect data from a ortec 9307 pico-Amp and discrimminator that outputs a 500ns TTL pulse
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You could do SIMPLE EVENT COUNTING (for NI-TIO hardware), in which the active edges of the source signal will increment the value of the count register. You can choose whether you want the active edge to be rising or falling by software. When doing simple event counting, the gate and the out signals of each counter are not used.

For taking a look at more specific literature, I would recommend to take a look at this link: Event Time Measurements

Over here you will find tutorials and example programs that can give you an idea on how to implement your final project.

Good luck!
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