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I can't see mt cRIO 9004 controller but I can see the chasis cRIO 9103

I have installed cRIO driver 2.1 and configed the VISA. However, I can only see the cRIO 9103 in MAX. Both other controller and modules can't be seen (9004, 9411, 9141, 9215, 9263). Can anyone help?
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cRIO modules don't show up in MAX, so this is normal.  Once you create a project in LabVIEW and add your cRIO backplane as a target to your cRIO controller, you will be able to add new C Series modules and they will be discovered.  As far as not seeing the cRIO controller in MAX, are you sure? How can you see the cRIO backplane unless it is listed underneath your cRIO controller?
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