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How to use cRIo NI 9753 module to drive ignition coil for spark plug in gasoline engine??

Hello. I am a graduate school student and using cRIO system to control powertrain system such as single cylinder engine. 


To use NI 9753 module for driver of ignition coil,  external custom  driver circuits or smart actuators with built in driver circuits are needed.

But I have no idea about  external custom  driver circuits or smart actuators. 


I wonder if there is a use example. Do I have to build a ignition driver circuit  including igbt(insulated gate bipolar transistor)?

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I thought there was a Drivven/powertrain control module made directly for driving spark plugs, but I can't find any reference on ni's site right now. Are you sure your advisor is giving you the right info? He is probably confusing which modules are which. The 9753 is just differential digital signaling so you are not driving any sparks with that without external circuitry as you say.

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