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How to use FPGA for image analysis and analog output?

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Dear all,


My application is the acquisition of images from a camera (e.g. Andor Zyla 4.2) with an FPGA, to carry out real-time image analysis on the FPGA followed by multiple (e.g. 4) analog voltage outputs (also by the FPGA). In the NI documentation this application is mentioned, but it is not specified exactly how you achieve this. If I look at NI PCIe-1473R for image acquisition using 10-tap connectors, I see different output possibilities: 1) 50-Pin I/O Extension Board Connector 2) SMB Trigger Connector, and 3) 34-Pin RTSI Connector. Can any of those be used by the FPGA to output an analog voltage? Or how is such a problem usually tackled  (i.e. image analysis + multiple AO on FPGA)?


Thank you and apologies if this is straightforward,



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Hi FlipS,


What you are planning to do is unfortunately not possible with the PCIe-1473R. The card has only 2x 26pin MDR camera input connectors, the SMB trigger is only 5V digital I/O and the RTSI can only be used to route trigger signals to other PCI cards in the computer.

How does your application look like?

Would it be possible to send the analog outputs via a different card, triggered by the frame grabber or do you really need to send the AO directly from the FPGA?
You could also look into the compact RIO series, where you can combine FPGA and Realtime capabilities with a variety of different I/O.

It seems Movimed makes a couple of interesting vision solutions and can be a good contact point:


In any case, you should call the local NI office for advise so they can talk you trough the different options.



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Hi Andreas,


Thank you for your feedback. I have contacted NI to assist me in choosing a combination of FPGA's to handle this task. 


Best regards,


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