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How to synchronize two recording devices using a single DAQ


I have some questions about how to synchronize audio and videorecording using a single DAQ device.

In my setup I’m using two devices, one for videorecording (pointgrey camera fl3 u3 13s2m cs, and one for audiorecording (Ultrasoundgate 416H,, 4 microphone channels), that are connected to the same computer, but started by two different softwares. What I’m trying to do is to find a way to start both recordings at the same time so that to synchronize the two data (video and sound). The goal is to know precisely when sounds occur during the video.


I'm completely new in this kind of tasks and in the field of data acquisition, so any help is truly appreciated.


- Do you think that connecting both recording systems to the same DAQ device will allow me to solve this issue? If so, once both systems are connected to the DAQ, can I start symultaneous recording always from the computer? How?

-What type of DAQ device would be better for this task? May you give me some suggetion?

-What method of syncronization should be performed? I read about start trigger synchronization and sample clock synchronization, but I'm not sure which of the I need to use.

-Once the recording has been done, will I have 2 different files as output? (one for audio and one for the video?)


Please tell me if you need more information.


Than you very much.


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