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How to reset and delete the old password on a Crio-9068 ?


I tried to press the reset button many times (>5seconds) and in MAX the is no "format" option, I can just restart it.


It has been used many years ago and I don't have the password anymore.


Actually if I want to restart it, it ask me the password...... any idea any help ?


(actually I am a noob so please if you say things like "reboot the controller" please just explain how I am supposed to do that, if this is in MAX or anywhere else thanks)


thanks so much for any help

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This is what helps tell me


The security settings of the RIO now carry through an IP reset. The RIO controller will have to be reformatted in order to clear the password. 
Reboot the controller into Safe Mode, by using the DIP switches or holding the RESET button as described above.
Reformat the controller in MAX.


"Reformat the controller in MAX" yes but when I do this it ask me the password (I finally found it in MAX)

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