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How to link a labtop to a computer using RDA?

My computer is installed with a pci-6503 daq card and is to be configured as a RDA server,while a laptop is to be configured as a RDA client.Both the server and the client will be sharing the daq device in the computer.The RDA in the computer is able to be configured properly but the the laptop cannot be configured and it kept on saying that the laptop cannot be connected to the computer.I cannot configure the laptop to be a client to the server.How to you solve the problem,given that ni-daq has already been installed in both the laptop and the computer?Do i also need a daq card in the laptop?Pls advise?

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The only thing you must be aware of is that you must have the same NI-DAQ version on both machines. You don't actually need to have a DAQ card on your Laptop to work with the RDA. It's looking like a network problem where your Laptop is not able to talk with the desktop. Try to ping from the Laptop to see if the network is up in between those two machines.
Hope this helps.
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