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How to get licensing information on VxWorks?

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Wind River requires some license details before allowing access to their programming documentation. Presumably, the purchase of a crio controller running VxWorks includes a license to the OS. How can I get the information about this license?




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Hello Chris,


When you purchase a VxWorks-based target you get only a deployment license, which means that you may deploy to the VxWorks target, but you don't have access to support or documentation.


Access to their programming documentation requires a development license, typically paired with the Wind River VxWorks Workbench.



| Michael K | Project Manager | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments |

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Not the answer I was hoping for, but at least you clarified the issue.




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      You had asked about programming documentation,  I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do, so correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like you are trying to program your own code to run on the cRIO.  This can be done using either the WindRiver Workbench or GNU Toolchain to compile your C++ code to run on VxWorks.  After that the library can be called from your LabVIEW Real-Time application. The GNU compiler is available for download from NI's website.  I wanted to make sure you had seen this tutorial:

Developing Shared Libraries for the cRIO-901x and Other VxWorks Targets

     Anyway, hope that helps.  Let us know if you have further questions.




John Harvey

CompactRIO Product Support Engineer


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Thanks. Yes, we are aware of the document you linked. We've actually been quite successful writing code for vxworks, but we ran across some difficulty porting some code from Windows/Linux to vxworks, and had some specific questions.


It turns out that it has taken less time to re-write the required functionality in LabVIEW than it was taking to get support for the other code. 



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