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How to get current pressure reading via Ethernet for DRUCK PACE1000

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I have recently acquired a DRUCK GE PACE1000 in our Radiotherapy Physics department and want to be able to view the current air pressure reading over our network. So far I have been able to access the device page by typing its hostname or IP address into a web browser, but there is no obvious way to see a current pressure measurement. I don't need to be able to control the device or anything, just get a measurement. I can't see a way to do this from the instruction manual or device settings, other than maybe to download LabVIEW software and drivers. But this isn't really the solution I'm are looking for since I want to be able to access an air pressure reading from anywhere without having to install software on every possible computer we may want to access it from.


Is there actually a way to achieve this?



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It's  a bit difficult, to do it without specific software developed for sharing it. Actually, you can achive the goal with a LabVIEW simple program. So why don't you want to do it? 

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It's fine, I just figured out how to query the pressure over the network with a python script using PyVISA.
Here's the code
import pyvisa

# instantiate the PyVISA-py backend using '@py'
rm = pyvisa.ResourceManager('@py')

# Initialise the instrument using the VXI-11 Address String. Edit to your own device.
with rm.open_resource("TCPIP::") as druck:
    sens_press = float(druck.query(':SENSe:PRESsure?').split()[1])  #Query returns string, so must split and float to get pressure value alone.

We need to access a pressure reading for a temperature-pressure correction factor when performing quality checks for dose output calculations in our radiotherapy center. We have several linear accelerators all in different rooms of the department. I don't want to have to install software on every computer just to access a pressure reading.
We have a local server with a database (QATrack+) that is accessible via a web browser interface, which we use to input data and perform automatic calculation procedures with python. So this pythonic method of querying the device is perfect as our server runs the code and gives the result without having any extra software installations on other computers.
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