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How to generate a printed report out of a traction testing machine using LabView and NI hardware

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Hello dear friends,


I am new to this community and fairly new to NI as well.  I have just ran across this project that requires me to upgrade the controls for a older Traction Test Machine. All of its control components, such PC, Control console and printer had gone obsolete. My task is to integrate a newer control and since the college that I work at just acquired LabView licence so I would like to give this a try. 

So far it does look very doable, since I have being becoming familiar in how the LabView software works. I will appreciate if I can get a jump start on this interesting challenge. Thanks a bunch!


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You may have posted this on the wrong subforum. This forum is for real time issues. With that said, have you seen the reporting toolkit?

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The college that I work for had already purchased a full professional version of LabView and that includes the report generator package that you suggest. I am more interested in the know-how from someone that has already gone through the process of implementing this type of solution.  By the way, where it would be a better place for me to post my request? Thanks

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Accepted by topic author Peloflex

Hi Peloflex, it would more suitable to post your question on the LabVIEW forums:


The Report Generation Toolkit is a great suggestion, as it allows you to implement lower level VIs that will generate, edit, and format reports for Word or Excel. As for implementing a solution, we do have multiple report generation examples in NI Example Finder. To find them, navigate to the "Help" tab in LabVIEW >> Find Examples >> Toolkits and Modules >> Report Generation for Microsoft Office. 


These white papers may also be helpful:


Angela L. 

National Instruments


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Dear Angela, thank you very much for the information sent.





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