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How to enable Ethercat on a NI 9053 crio

Hi All,


Any idea how to enable ethercat on a CRIO 9053.  On this page, it says that the 9053 supports ethercat.


I have installed ethercat software which I had to do via a custom software install.  The standard package did not offer ethercat connectivity.  Using the custom software install worked fine.  I get that maybe with one ethernet connection you might have to go about configuring it slightly differently but I can't set the ethernet connection to ethercat even with the software installed, see the pic of it in MAX.



Any ideas would be much appreciated.  Thanks all 🙂




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I noticed the link I put in for some reason does not exist.

Here is another link where it says the 905x controllers are supported on ethercat


Also the lookup page which I tried to reference can be accessed here


thanks for reading.




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