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How to communicate with PLC(s7-214) in labview5.0

I want communicate with S7-214 through pc/ppi cable in Labview5.0,but I do not know how to use free-interface protocal,and can I use the example of it to achieve it? I don't know if the input data of the Labview need to be transfered? if the data of plc is HEX,wether I should input one HEX value.or can I derirectly input DEC value throngh the emaple of the Labview5.0.please experts teach me! thanks a lot!
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The best way to talk to your PLC from LabVIEW is to use an OPC Server. National Instruments sells an Industrial Automation OPC Server call the Lookout Protocol Drivers. One of these drivers is for S7 PLCs via PPI interface using an applicom card. Once you have an OPC server set up. You can set up LabVIEW to talk to the OPC Server via Datasocket or if you having LabVIEW DSC, you can talk directly to the OPC Server.

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