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How to access 9211A NiDaqmx in Vector Canape

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If someone know how to  access 9211A NiDAQmx in Vector Canape? I used to work NiDAQ 6062 E (card) it worked well.
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Hi ntm1,

Thanks for posting on the NI forums!  For details on supported devices, please see the "NI Driver_01.pdf" document located on the CANape CD.  But according to Vector CANape's FAQ section, it looks like only our older devices are supported (DAQ 700, 1200, and E-series).
Rod T.
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Accepted by topic author ntm1
I found the way how to set up 9211A with Canape if someone need any help I will be glad to assist you.
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Thanks for sharing... 😀


(Posting the actual solution would be nice)

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