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How to Create Adder, LPF and HPF, Amplifier Circuits in FPGA LabVIEW

Hello, I have NI cRIO 9024 with NI 9215 and NI 9263.


I want to design a digital signal processing circuit with the following sequence 


From Sensor 04 Voltages will be Received at AI0-3 Module > I want to Add These 04 Signals > Amplified Them > Pass Them Through Low Pass Filter >> Normalize My Final Output 


Currently, all the above operations are being performed by Analog Circuit which contains opamps, resistors, and capacitors. How can I replace all these using LabVIEW? 



I don't know if my Question is posted on the right platform or not but I am not sure how to ask for help. Please someone should suggest me how to start with my task.


ThanK you all


Best Regards



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