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How do you stop a normal-priority loop from running?

I created a time-critical loop, normal-priority loop, and a host VIs using RT FIFOs using LabVIEW's Communication wizard to monitor the position of an encoder on the PXI-6527 on the host VI.  The communication wizard creates stop buttons for the time-critical loop and the host VIs; however, not for the normal priority loop.  When I run the programs it monitors the position of the encoder properly.  However, when I go to stop the programs the normal-priority loop does not stop running.  I have tried including a manual stop button on the normal priority VI's front panel, creating a RT FIFO stop button, and a global variable and the normal-priority loop keeps running.  I have also tried waiting awhile to see if the normal-priority loop needs time to stop running, but it just keeps running. 
How do I get the normal-priority loop to stop running without having to manually click the abort button?
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Hi bwill,
All I can think to do is to use probes and highlight execution to make sure that the normal priority loop is receiving the stop condition.  Also how are you sure the normal priority loop continues to run? 
Brian K.
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I'm not really sure. It appears to "halt" the normal-priority loop and time-critical loop when I click the stop button. But the VI doesn't relinquish control back to the user. The run button still remains active. I will try your suggestion though. Thank you.


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