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How do you start a recording for a task in DAQexpress using a VI


I'm new to Labview and I only have a USB-6001 and the DAQexpress software. I have managed to create a task and also make a VI to run my test from. I'm designing at test where I monitor an analog signal with the USB-6001 and I have managed to display this signal and to recognize certain events. However I also want to record and save the waveform that I'm monitoring.

When using the task I have no issue to record the waveform, but from the VI I'm not sure how to do this. There is most likely a simple answer, but after searching the web I have not been able to find good answer.

In summary, I mange to display my waveform live when running the VI, but I'm not able to save the waveform as a recording.

All help is much appreciated!


I have attached my VI to show what I have done so far.

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As you are using LabVIEW NXG, right click the graph on the control panel and select capture data. From the left side of the window you will find Captured data (for example "Capture 1"). Right click on it and select Export. Then you can choose the type of the saving file and you can also write the name of that file.

After that, you can open that file with Microsoft Excel or with the other appropriate reader.


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