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How do I configure IP for my NI cRIO-9073

Hi there, I have here a NI cRIO 9073 base, with PN:192172F-D4L, SN: 145DAA5.

This base after a Drive Format (LabView 8.6.1), doesn´t change IP address from to or pick any address from any DHCP server tryed so far!


Please, I need some help here.



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I don't think that formating the drive will do anything to the IP settings. Have you tried using the 'IP RESET' dip switch?  Manual for 9073 explains its use.

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Check out for step by step tutorials of configuring a cRIO system

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I already fixed the problem.

Thanks for the help.

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So how did you do it?

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I got problem that inconsistent ip adress to connect to NI 9073 also for NI 9076 compact rio

so how to fix it

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