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How can I generate a spiral (2 constantly increasing sine functions) with PXI 5402?

I would like to generate a spiral function with my two PXi-5402 boards and acquire data while the spiral is generated... How can I do this? From what I read on this site, those boards can't generate arbitrary waveforms.

To get a spiral, I need to generate two sine functions with constantly increasing amplitudes, but the only way I found to change the amplitude while FGEN is running is to place a while loop with a timer and increase the amplitude property for my two generators at each iteration. This works, but when I place my Ni-Scope triggered acquisition sequence inside the loop, it slows the whole program down because the whole acquisition process is slower than one cycle.

So my guess is I have to find another way to control the amplitude of the waveforms. Is there a way of programming the waveform generators so that the amplitude follows a certain cycle??

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Never mind, I found out how to define a user standard fonction and it looks like it's going to work!


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