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How can I acquire 20 analoge channels and DIG-Port at 2KHz and stream to disk in binary format?

To acquire 20 analoge channels and DIG-Port I use + in a loop. The 1D-array of is indexed, data is written subsequently in binary format (2 bytes for each channel) and DIG-Port is added (1 byte) for each sample. It works for 500 Hz but 2 KHz sampling rate causes error -10846. Using lots of samples are lost. What to do?
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In order to help us troubleshoot your problem, it is important to mention the hardware/software you are using.

There is a great KnowledgeBase entry that discusses the -10846 error and possible resolutions at:

This entry could be found by going to, clicking on the KnowledgeBase link, and searching for "10846."
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