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High Speed Data Logging with cRIO

Hi everyone,


Since I have no experience with LabVIEW FPGA, before action, I wanted to ask you


I want to log a sensor data (double type) approximately during one hour at 20 kHz.


The best file option according to the forums is to use TDMS. I absolutely DO NOT want to lose any point. Each data point is critical for me.


For those who have experience with FPGA, this may be simple, but for me it is difficult since this will be the first time usage of FPGA.


Could you inform me step by step about what I have to do?


I just know that I have to create a project that FPGA interface for cRIO and then I have to create and


My Hardwares :


cRIO 9073

NI 9205 AI Module

LabVIEW 2017

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I highly recommend you look section 3 of the cRIO Developer's Guide.

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