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Help or examples for NI 9758 Powertrain Port Fuel Injector module on cRIO?

I have an NI 9758 rev G2 port fuel injector driver module in a cRIO-9074 chassis and I want to set up a simple FPGA application that fires the injector at regular intervals and controls the duty factor of the PWM low side drivers at a set period. I have LabVIEW 2013 SP1 with the RT and FPGA modules. I'm familiar with LabVIEW but new to cRIO, RT and FPGA. I have created and run simple FPGA applications using other modules on the cRIO so I can confirm that that part of the setup is OK, and I have got the 9758 to appear under FPGA Target in the project.


I've tried opening the example VIs from ...LabVIEW 2013\examples\Powertrain Controls\Device Drivers\PFI - Rev G2\ but can't get either of them to be runnable: the driver subVI in NI 9758 (Rev G2) - Basic - is not runnable for a reason I can't determine and NI 9758 (Rev G2) - Basic - has multiple errors including broken wires and 'not found' controls/indicators.


I've tried creating a very simple VI with the PFI driver in a loop (within a single-cycle timed loop as otherwise it won't compile), its inputs wired to controls and its outputs to indicators, and no matter what I wire to the inputs I get the same out: the value 52394 on Key Out and a cluster containing a False value for ModulePresent and four zero values for the other elements.


I haven't been able to find any other help or information within LabVIEW or online about how to use this module and its driver VI. Can anyone offer any further info please?


I have just received notice of a Powertrain Controls training session at NIWeek, but sadly I'm not going to be able to fly over from the UK for it...

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Hi Nekomatic,


I have downloaded the Powertrain device drivers from here, then opened the "NI 9758 (PFI) - RevG2.lvproj" example. As you can see in the screenshots below, the FPGA VI does not have a broken arrow and should be able to run. The RT VI has a broken arrow because the FPGA VI is not compiled, but otherwise it does not have broken wires and "not found" controls and indicators. I am using LabVIEW 2013 as well (the standard, not SP1 version).


FPGA VI is runnable.PNG


Above = FPGA VI screenshot


Below = RT VI screenshot


RT VI would run if the FPGA VI was compiled.PNG


If using the 9758 is still an issue:


Would you be able to attach screenshots of the errors you see when you press on the broken run arrows of the FPGA and the RT VIs?

Can you take a screenshot of the "not found" controls and indicators and the broken wires on the block diagram? It sounds like you might be missing a library/driver that I already had installed when installing the Powertrain driver.

Do any of the other examples in the \examples\Powertrain Controls\Device Drivers\ run without issues?

Have you downloaded the Powertrain driver from here ?


I am looking forward to helping you get started with the 9758.




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Thanks for the help, Petru! I contacted NI support about this and they also directed me to the example project. This wasn't runnable when first loaded but once I updated various names and references to correctly point to my chassis and my 9758, and then compiled and ran the FPGA VI, I was able to get it going. The NI support engineer agreed there isn't currently very good documentation for this module and its software!


I'm probably going to be able to achieve what I want by modifying the example but if you have any tips or experience for using the module I'd be interested to hear them.

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Hi Nekomatic,


I am happy to hear that NI technical support helped you get started. Unfortunately, I have not used a 9758 yet, so I am afraid I can't be much help from that point of view.

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I have an Drivven CompactRIO PFI Driver Module in a cRIO-9074 chassis too, i wanna simulate injection pulse for each injector in a engine runnig at 1000rpm.
I´m traying to run the example VI  NI 9758 (Rev G2) - Basic -  but i don't know how to set every option in the VI clusters (like CrankStallPeriod in EPTControl cluster and HostMode in PFIControl cluster).


I have to set the VI clusters in NI 9758 (Rev G2) - Basic - too.


I really appreciate some help.


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There's a group dedicated to the NI Powertrain Controls hardware and software under the communities pages, might be better posting your question there. However, your question sounds like it should be fairly easy to check by looking at some of the example VIs provided.




Consultant Control Engineer
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