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Help me to start using FPGA programming

Hey Dr. Zhdanov,


I don't know if you resolved all your issues, but from your broken wires picture it looks like you opened an example FPGA program but didn't change the FPGA Reference. There should be a "Open FPGA Reference" VI at the beginning of the string of turqoise wires that you need to go to properties and select your FPGA device. If you don't feel like recompiling every time you mearly touch the FPGA VI you can just reference the bitfile after you compile, but thats a little more complicated for a beginner I guess.


Let me know if that helps.



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Thanks Rex,

I have solved that one. Just looking for some more tutorials /examples on FPGA programmming(Real time programming) .

I have downloaded quite a number of tutorials and now truying ti understant RealTime/FPGA programming philosophy.

I have put already several questions  on this forum. But I believe the best way would be to start create some programs and see what problems appear and try to solve them/ probably by posting some more question.

The problem is that I need to make this project in less than a month time so it is quite difficult.


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