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Help me to start using FPGA programming

OK, I have CRIO-9072 with NI 9211, NI 9233, Ni 9263 modules.
I would like to start some programming with it but so far no success.
I did follow some tutorials and configured it in MAX. But as soon as I am trying to create some applications or just make it work I fail.
I have no idea where to start. I could not find any tutorial for creating and running some simple VI for example temperature monitoring or something similar.
The examples that I could find does not work on this hardware(designed for different modules). I have tried to use 910x Temperature Monitor example but it does not work as it is intended to use with different module not NI9211.
Can somebody point me the directions for simple step by step instructions, please.
I have used Labview 6-7 and 8.5 previously. I am not an expert but could create some applications I need. But this FPGA(real-Time) things are just killing me.

As far as I understand principle I hav to create FPGA applicationd first and the Use Real-Time programming to interfacing with FPGA.
Is that right?
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When you open labview, you'll want to first create a FPGA Target.  When you do this, it will go through a series of windows that recongnizes your RT controller and modules.  This will open your project window when completed.  In the project window you should see your RT controller with an IP address.  Expand this and you'll see for FPGA target under your controller.  If you right click on your FPGA Target and select New, VI, this will open a new VI where you can start working using function for FPGA programing.  You'll know cause of all the limited functions.  Create your FPGA VI, save your work, and I just click the run button.  From there, the program will start compiling.  Depending on the size of the VI, you can go take a bathroom break or go out for lunch cause it can take some time.  When completed, your VI will automatically run. 

Now when integrating this with the Real Time controller, your right click on your Real Time controller, go to new, then VI.  This will then open your window for programing.  There are examples that show you how the RT VI opens the FPGA VI.  It's just a simple Open FPGA Target VI.



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You should also try the example which already has a project:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\examples\CompactRIO\Module Specific\NI 923x\NI 923x Continuous DMA


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Sergey, I have found this module training to be essential for FPGA and RT. Good luck. Miguel
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Thanks a lot for all the responses.
I'll take a deeper look right now at them and will come back with some more detailed questions.

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Ok I have tried to open this Project.
After that I believe to change IP Address and  CHASSSIS to CRIO 9072(Under
So it looks like in attachment FPGA.jpg.
But after that when I open it has broken wires. Most of them say that it is connected to void.
How may I change it( WIRES.jpg)?
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Miguel, thanks a lot for the link.

Unfortunately by some reason it does not allow me download it.
First it takes a lot of time to open the link you supplied me with until download message appears, but after that some time passes with 0% downloaded and another message appears that it could not be downloaded.
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Just as a side note, you might find some useful information in the following "Getting Results with CompactRIO and LabVIEW" document:
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thanks a lot  for the instructions.
I did similar thing with some lessons provided on NI website. The problem is that I do not know what to do next.
There is no step by step instruction how to create working VI for FPGA. I woud like to have some simple one like just monitoring Temperature in any units even binary, but of course normal degree C are better.
On Friday I have created some simple vi and tried to compile it but nothing happened when I run it. I mean it compiled for some time starts to run in a while loop, but I could not see any changes to temperature indicator.
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Thanks Jmota,
that is what I was looking for.Smiley Very Happy
I did not expect that it would have name like this. It does not mention RealTime or FPGA at all.
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