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Help me, real-time simulation

Hello everyone, recently I was going to do real-time simulation with NI. I looked up the information and found out that the software required includes Labview, Labview RT; The hardware includes an emulator with a real-time operating system and corresponding boards. Do you have any recommended real-time simulator configurations?

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A true "simulation" can be fully in software.


It would help to be a bit more specific. It seems you want to program external hardware which provides fake data (i.e. simulating certain conditions) to a "real time measurement and control" setup as typically discussed in this forum.


What are the timing requirements? e.g. is this fancy RF or a slowly changing temperature, or anything in-between? How many channels? What kind of signals?

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As Altenbach states, this is very much down to the degree of precision in timing you want. If your are simulating relatively slow dynamics, then doing it on a PC would be fine. But you may need a RT target / Labview RT, especially if you are simulating and bringing in physical signals (so called Simulation in the Loop)


We did a dynamic nonlinear model of a gas mixing process (for diver breathing system), and that ran on a PC. In that case the timing was handled by a third party programme, so we programmed it to work as a single step model (states from previous step retained) but an important aspect was to have the model equations cope with variable time steps due to non-real-time platform and give sufficient accuracy. That needed the dynamics translated into discrete time models, with the addtional issues that gives.

Equally we've used the LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation toolbox which gives Simulink type capabilities, and (from what I remember) could run on both PC and RT targets (with the correct solver selected).

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Thank you so much. Now I am ready to use the RMC150 controller as the physical controller to input signals to the model, so I need a real-time target.

So real-time targets need RTOS, such as Phar Lap.Or do not need an RTOS?

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I found that my PXIe 8840 does not have a real-time system, but the BIOS has an RT Safe Mode image built-in, is this usable, or should it be installed?

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The PXIe-8840 can run a real time operating system. NI will recommend you use NI Linux RT, as the Pharlap OS is very old and should not be used for new projects. To install NI Linux RT you will need to download the NI Linux RT System Image onto a Windows host machine and install it to the 8840. Once you have installed the base image, you can install additional NI software packages.


The BIOS does not contain a safe-mode. That is installed with the base image. The BIOS does need to be configured for the correct OS (Windows, Pharlap, LInux RT). The linked article walks you through the process:


As others have commented, you need to provide a lot more information for people to be able help. I am guessing the RMC150  is a motion controller from Delta, is the hardware you referenced in a previous post. The question is, how does an NI real time setup fit into the system? 

David C
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If installing Real-Time on the PXIe-8840 is too much of a chore, you can look for other LabVIEW Real-Time target alternatives, such as CompactRIO.  Head over to the NI Trading Post,you might be able to find useful hardware there.

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