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Has anyone installed a VPN on a CRIO/sbRIO

Lets say there's a sbRIO at a customer site and I want to hook up a development environment to it. The simplest network I can think of would look something like this:




In the past, when I wanted a connection like this, I have installed something like hamachi on MyPC and the customer pc but I've never installed hamachi on an sbRIO. I use both Zinq based sbRIOs and the new intel Atom based RIOs. Another option would be installing something like OpenVPN.


Plan B would be something like


MyPC --- Internet --- Layer 2 VPN running on customer PC


This would offload the need to install something on the sbRIO but I'm not aware of any simple appliances that I could run on a customer PC to make it so that MyPC was on their network


I have multiple customers so I don't want to have to ask each of their IT departments to add forwarding rules to their firewalls or setup the VPN for me. I'd like to have a "go to" strategy that usually works and then have their IT help if something starts breaking down.


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Hi, I've the same needs as yours. I'm currently trying to install hamachi on cRIO from the console but the package install process fails.

Have you had some progress on your issue?



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I haven't made any attempt at all. I was hoping to see what other people do with this problem. You could consider posting your installation errors on the linux forum:



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