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Hardware Synchronization CAN-Bus and Analog Signal

Hello everyone,


I am currently working on a project for my thesis, in which we need to dynamically evaluate a positioning sensor. For this, we are using two Piezo actuators with included SG analog sensors. The signal of the two analog sensors will then be added (superposition) and compared with the digital positioning sensor (CAN-Bus). Therefore, the synchronicity of all three sensor is of vital importance.


I already have a USB-6343 ( on hand, which I am planning on using to fetch the analog signals. Even though, this product does not support simultaneous sampling, it should not be a problem, due to the high Sampling Rate. This Model also provides External Digital Triggers, which I am planning on using to synchronize the Clock Frequency of the USB-6343 and the CAN interface device.


I was thinking about buying the CAN interface device USB-8502, because it supports NI-XNET and synchronicity through triggers. Nevertheless, I am unsure if I can simply connect these two products (USB-8502 and USB-6343). I would like to know if this kind of hardware synchronization is possible, between these modules before buying the CAN device. Under the following link, you can find Information about the triggering of the USB-8502:

I found this very helpful article from NI, in which they explain a similar situation to mine. For the hardware synchronization they give the following example: “For example, on a platform that performs hardware synchronization, such as the NI CompactDAQ platform, all measurements can be combined in a single task to easily synchronize all channels to the same clock. All of the ports in the API (NI-XNET) for the NI 9862 CAN communication module share a common timebase with other data acquisition measurements”. Since I already own the USB-6343, I would like to use it, instead of buying a CompactDAQ and the CAN-Module.


If anyone has any information about the triggering and hardware synchronization of these two products, I would highly appreciate some advice.





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Hi Max, 

Considering on this article, the answer to your question "I would like to know if this kind of hardware synchronization is possible" is yes, you can synchronize these devises. 

For more information follow the link above.




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