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Function and path of file "nisyscfg.niauth.bin"

Hello everybody.

In our company we use the "Replication and Deployment (RAD) Utility" to manage our different cRIOs. This worked quite well for different models over the last years.

Recently we also discover the usage of NIs "Industrial Controller". We face some issues when trying to restore/deploy images back to ICs.


After deploying the image, an issue with restarting the target pops up every time.


<b>Complete call chain:</b>
     rad_Deploy Images with
     rad_Deploy Application
     Replication and Deployment



As this restart is related with restoring the file "nisyscfg.niauth.bin" from the image, I wonder what is the purpose of this file - and where can I find it on my real-time target? I've checked one of our cRIOs, which can be restored without any issues, but wasn't able to locate that file anywhere in the file system.

Is the file used to restore some other files, e.g. with user names and passwords, but does not exists itself?


Thanks for any idea on this.




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