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Forced I/O, any improvements on the horizon?

Hello again,


In my distributed cRIO system (9 cRIO's and 4 PC's) I have decided to use the scan engine coupled with an intermediate layer at the RT level to provide

additional features such as programmable channel scaling, filtering, dead banding, CVT binding, and Forced I/O which would be very handy for providing HMI's with 

a transparent means to go into 'manual' mode and override RT control of I/O resources.  I suppose I could live with a 900mS delay between when you push a button on the HMI

and an effect is produced in the cRIO hardware but I am afraid it would make my HMI feel very unresponsive and would be an embarrasing aspect to an otherwise well constructed design.

I would like to see if it might be possible to obtain some experimental code that would allow me to temporarily get around this problem until LV 8.6.1, is that possible in the short term or should

I abandon the use of forced I/O for my application?



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Repeat of post here.
Brian A.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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