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FlexRIO Nano-Pitch Pin Definition?

Hi there.


I have to use my PCIe FlexRIO 5763 synced with a modulator, but the output current of DIO is simply too weak, it can only handle 100uA current when handling MHz signal, I have to build a simple TTL driver PCB to make sure it can properly drive my 50-ohm input modulator.


I check my FlexRIO spec file, getting started guide, and NI site, but not found the information about this connector, there are descriptions about what kinds of single does this Nano-Pitch contains, but nothing about which pin carries which signal.


Also, I do found the cable 785486-01 CABLE KIT, OCULINK X4, 1M, but fail to get information on the definition of these pins, the document for this cable is about the declaration of conformity.


I only need to access these DIO ports, can anyone help me with that?


By the way, I don't know why does NI make such a  high-speed, powerful ADC+FPGA device without any external Trigger I/O that the user can easily access,  really, that's confusing in many ways.

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