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FlexRIO Controller as 10M Clock Source


Dear All:


 I'm tring to sync 4 FlexRIO controller together, and in my system there is no external 10M clock source, I wander if is OK to use the TRIG port to output a 10M clock, and make the connection to next FlexRIO controller's REF CLK port.


 Here I have 3 questions:

1, How do I provide a stable 10M reference clock? I can do it just by put a Not in a 20MHz SCTL, but somehow It's doesn't seems like a stable solution.


2, If using SCTL is not a good idea, I suppose I'll have to make a CLIP to force TRIG port output a 10M clock, I have used SBRIO CLIP Generator, which can provide a clock if we need, but for FlexRIO, I'm not sure how to get started. Can anybody enlighten me?


3, If I want sync 4 module together, is it a good idea or bad idea to connect every module in a loop style? Say that we connect device A's TRIG to device B's REF CLK, and connect device B's TRIG to device A's REF CLK? Or maybe there a Pro's and Con's I should know?



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